Saturday, November 03, 2007

Senate dems play politics with national security

I caught this over at Hot Air the other day, but was too busy this week to post anything about it. On Thursday, 30 Senate Demcrats signed a letter to the President stating he had no authority from Congress to act militarily against Iran. As Bryan at Hot Air said in reference to Hillary Clinton, "War Powers Act, Sis. Look it up." I guess technically the letter is accurate in that Congress hasn't authorized any such action, but under the WPA, Bush doesn't need it.

Of course, the letter is meaningless beyond furnishing its signatories with the ability to say that they opposed action against Iran in advance. Or something like that. What the Dembots are really doing here, though, is playing a dangerous game with national security. So why, exactly, are the Dembots nearly unanimously opposed to dealing firmly with Iran? There are a few possibilities:
  1. They honestly believe Iran has nothing but peaceful intentions. The evidence says otherwise, but with Democratic candidates tripping over each other in their eagerness to "engage Iran in constructive dialog", this idiotic notion could be a factor.
  2. They don't want Bush doing anything about Iran's nascent nuclear weapons program so that when the Dembots take the White House in January 2009 (and they will), they can say "Look at the mess the previous administration left us". Sounds a bit bizarre, but when it comes to political gain, I wouldn't put anything past a Democrat.
  3. They want Iran to become a nuclear military power to act as a regional counter balance to our military power. OK, as low an opinion as I have of the Dembots, even I have a hard time swallowing that one. Unless Cindy Sheehan somehow managed to sneak her way into the Senate.
  4. They seriously believe that a nuclear-armed Iran is something the world can live with.
Sadly, I believe that last possibility is the most likely one, and further evidence that not a single Democrat can be trusted with national security.

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