Friday, November 30, 2007

Chavez supporters get their turn

Supporters of Hugo Chavez's power grab got their turn at demonstrating today, two days after some 100,000 students and others protested in Caracas against the constitutional reforms.

Missing this time, of course, were the government troops thugs freely distributing tear gas and wood shampoo.


coup detat said...

Hugo Chavez Constitution Civil Disturbance fundedallegedly by Foreign Special Interests

video eyewitness testimony

Eric said...

Um, yeah. I'm calling bullshit.

First, the entry in the blog you linked to contains an alleged Bloomberg news article. The trouble is, what's supposed to look like a link to the article, isn't a link, it's just underscored text. A search of Bloomberg news service turns up no such article.

Second, the blog entry at geokarras links a poorly-edited video of an interview with Stephen Gaghan, director of the movie Syriana. The crappy editing tries to convince the viewer that he heard "oil men" discussing a coup d'etat in Venezuela, when in fact he's talking about Nigeria. Only after that does he briefly mention Chavez and Venezuela, and geokarras lies to the viewer saying Gaghan was correcting himself.

Spread the lies elsewhere.