Thursday, November 01, 2007

Democrats laying groundwork for election fraud

Back in September, I put up this post about the Democrats' fear of laws requiring positive ID at polling places for elections. Democrats fear the voter ID law the way a vampire fears the crucifix.

The only reason any sensible person would oppose voter ID laws is because such laws might thwart efforts to bring enough ineligible voters to the polls to swing an election. And with illegal immigrants present in sufficient numbers in some states, those illegals could be the tipping point in deciding electoral votes for some states.

Enter NY governor Eliot Spitzer and his driver's licenses for illegals plan. Spitzer, a Democrat, proposes issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants in New York. According to Spitzer an illegal, once properly licensed, will never again drive drunk or recklessly, thus making New York's roads safer. That, of course, is complete and utter bullshit.

When Hillary Clinton first waffled on the issue during a debate the other night, then solidified her position as favoring Spitzer's plan, it became clear: This is simply a means to counter voter ID laws. With the federal "motor voter" law, in which states are required to provide voter registration services at motor vehicle offices, the chances of an illegal immigrant fraudulently getting on the voter rolls at the same time their license is issued is greatly increased.

This is the real reason for the Democrats' support of the licenses-for-illegals policy and their ever-softening stance on illegal immigration. Once duly licensed and registered to vote, who else is an illegal immigrant going to vote for?

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