Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogger to Jewish Democrats: Are you fucking retarded?

This blog entry was linked over at Hot Air today, and the bitch-slap delivered to Jewish Democrats is sublime. The big takeaways:
The Republican party is beholden to a base that supports Israel's right to exist. The Democratic party is beholden to a base that treats Israel as a pariah committing a modern-day Holocaust against poor and defenseless Palestinians. No amount of inside baseball sophistication can alter this basic fact. Democratic politicians must represent and placate anti-Israel lunatics.

You don't have to vote. But seriously - gleefully supporting today's Democratic party? What happened to your self-respect? Or, for that matter - what happened to your sense of basic decency? The Democratic base is anti-Jewish and the Democratic party has a platform antagonistic to the Jewish State. Honestly, this is not that complicated.

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