Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Robert Fox: On the wrong side

Robert Fox over at The First Post has done it again. In an opinion column on the launch of Al Jazeera's English news channel, he states:
Those in favour of healthy media competition should shout hooray at the launch of al-Jazeera's English language service - the more voices, the better. But it will be only two cheers from me, not the statutory three.
Having read and remarked previously on Fox's incoherent, pro-Islamist ramblings, I thought at first, "wow...does Fox actually have misgivings over JihadTV's English language launch?". Well, maybe. But for the wrong reasons:
...Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was caught by a joint CIA-Pakistan police raid outside Islamabad. He remains the highest ranked al-Qaeda member to be picked up so far. But according to the Pulitzer-winning journalist Ron Suskind, Khalid was only pulled in after the Emir of Kuwait leaned on the al-Jazeera team who had interviewed him in hiding.

This poses the profoundest dilemma. The circumstances may have been exceptional - but do it once and the taint of collusion with the dark works of the intelligence community is hard to remove.
Fox may as well just sign on with al Qaeda's media relations department. Come to think of it, maybe he already has.

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