Saturday, November 18, 2006

Five killed by RoP in Thailand

Islamic paramilitary death squads in Thailand's southern provinces have executed five and wounded a police officer:
A 60-year-old Buddhist cattle raiser was gunned down while walking, before suspected insurgents burned his body and left it on the roadside in Yala, one of three violence-torn southern provinces bordering Malaysia.

A 52-year-old Buddhist street ice cream seller was also shot dead on Friday by two suspected insurgents on a motorcycle in Yala where another Muslim villager, 27, was killed late on the same day while riding a motorcycle, police said.

In neighboring Pattani province on Friday, a Buddhist security guard, 35, was shot dead while riding a motorcycle after work. Another Buddhist villager, 33, was gunned down later in the day when he was shopping at a food market.

Early on Saturday, a border patrol policeman was seriously wounded in a drive-by shooting.
I'd hate to see what would happen if Islam wasn't such a peaceful, tolerant religion.

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