Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Palestinian rockets turn Sderot into ghost town

The market in Sderot has few vendors and even fewer
shoppers these days

While the antique media wails on about Israeli defensive incursions into Gaza, they consistently ignore the reason for the IDF action there: Barrages continue: Sderot turns into ghost town
Yoram Vaaknin, 44, who has been working at the market for 30 years no, told Ynet about the situation: "On a normal day I work nonstop, but recently buyers stopped coming here. I am a father of six, so I have to continue working here. I have no other choice. Many of my clients have left the city. Not only them, many stand owners have also left the market.

"Since the Palestinians began firing improved rockets at us, which also hurt and kill, the situation is much worse. People are extremely terrified."

Eti Almog, who has also owned a stand in the market for the past eight years, asked that the place be closed down.

"They have to close it. The market is unfortified. A disaster could happen if, God forbid, a Qassam lands here. We have nowhere to run. What shall we do? We don’t even have minimal protection.
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