Saturday, November 18, 2006

EDA: Democrats denied landslide

In the weeks just before this last election, the Dems were hedging their bets against possible losses by priming the media pump about election rigging in the Republicans' favor. Now that the Democrats have won a majority in both the House and Senate, they're leveraging that effort with this from the "Election Defense Alliance":

Major Miscount of Vote in 2006 Election: Reported Results Skewed Toward Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes

Apparently, winning isn't enough...the Dems wanted a landslide.

So, just who or what is EDA? Excuse me while I jump to conclusions, but if a group is whining about an election not being a convincing enough victory for a particular party, it's hard not to. Further, in this post-election EDA article, Mary Howe Kiraly writes in a post entitled 2006: A Year To Write Ballads About:
Here's to Election Integrity Activists. We didn't know it then, but in the bitter aftermath of the 2004 election, a miracle happened. People all across the United States planted their feet in their communities and said, "You may roll over me this time; but you are not taking this democracy down."

We knew what had happened in Ohio 2004, and we didn't stop talking about it.
Not exactly an unbiased, objective organization. But here's the genius of their little scheme. If they lose, it was due to Republican shenanigans. If they win, it would have been by a larger margin were it not for Republican shenanigans.

Hat tip: Pajamas Media

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