Saturday, November 18, 2006

British school forced to back away from halal Christmas meal

In an effort to bring "a spirit of inclusion" to their annual Christmas dinner, the Oakwood School in Rotherham decided this year's dinner would be 100% halal (kosher for Muslims). The school's population of 1,000 is 20% Muslim. Well, that's what I'm inferring, because the Telegraph's article states by way of explanation that one in five students are of "Asian origin". They could be Chinese with a hankerin' for halal food, I suppose.

Not so fast, said some parents:
But Rachel Johnson, who has two daughters at the school, said: "It has really rocked my boat because I feel my culture is being stolen away from me. I have no objection to halal meat being on the menu so long as there is a choice of traditional Christmas fare.

"Our culture and religion are being trampled on and it is not right."
You go, girl. The head of the school, Jan Charters, said:
"Having listened to the concerns of some of our parents, we have agreed to provide turkey as an alternative along with the halal chicken and a vegetarian option so that we can hopefully cater for everyone.

"Our aim, as it always was with this event, is to make sure that everyone, regardless of their faith and background, can come together at this time of year and enjoy a traditional celebratory meal in our community."
I remember when alternative meant the exception to the majority.


Anonymous said...

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Eric said...

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