Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The First Post's slide into cheap tabloidism

I really used to like reading The First Post, a UK-based news and entertainment site. Sure, they publish more than their fair share of moonbat screeds, but almost as often there's some good news and opinion to be found there.

With this article, though, their inexorable slide into trashy tabloid journalism is just about complete. In the headline, author Carl Senna asks "Is Bush back on the sauce?", and then offers up evidence worthy only of The National Enquirer or Weekly World News:
  • The scandal sheets claim he has fallen completely off the wagon and that the first couple's marriage is at stake.
  • ...there has long been puzzlement over the President's physical awkwardness, jumbled speech and memory loss. [Yeah...among the looney left. --ed.]
  • Nicholas Lemann, New Yorker political correspondent, says he has never seen the President take a drink but adds: "Does Bush have a drinking man's personality? Yes." [Does Lemann know Bush well enough to know his personality? And what makes him an expert on "drinking men's personalities"? --ed.]
  • Andrew Stephen, in the New Statesman, wrote this month: "I have now heard the rumour repeated at a sufficiently high level that I believe we must face the possibility that it might be true."
This isn't journalism. This is nothing more than rumor and innuendo without a single authoritative source cited. What complete drivel.

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