Monday, May 22, 2006

Saudi cleric rambles, lies, quotes Rep. Jim Moran

At, there's an item posted earlier this month quoting the ramblings of Saudi Islamic cleric Nasser bin Suleiman Al-'Omar in which he rambles about the imminent collapse of America, quotes Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) and spews bald-faced lies about US casualties in Iraq.

Says Dr. Al-'Omar:
"Listen to this report, which was submitted by the American intelligence to the American officials, regarding the religion of Islam, which some think is defeated or weak today. According to the report, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Muslims will soon become one-third of the world's population. Conversion to Islam increased significantly following 9/11.

"In addition, U.S. Congressman John Morlan [sic] said: 'The 21st century is the century of Islam, which will offer an opportunity for peace in the world.' There is no doubt that it is Islam that will bring peace, and not the U.N., America, Russia, or anyone else." [Note: The cleric is referring to Representative Jim Moran, Democrat from Virginia's 8th Congressional District --ed.]

Al-'Omar goes on to say of American casualties:

"Do not believe the American reports. According to America it had around 2000 casualties, but in fact, the casualties number 40,000 or more."

The Americans are Dumping Their Casualties in the Tigris and Euphrates, and Iraqi Clerics Have Asked Me for a Fatwa about Eating the Fish

"By Allah, a number of Iraqi religious scholars came to me, and said: 'We have a problem.' What was the problem? They said: There have been so many American casualties that they loaded them on trucks and threw them away in the desert. But because the number of casualties was so high... The Iraqi scholars were asking me for a fatwa. They asked me to issue a fatwa on the following question: 'Because there were so many casualties, the Americans began to throw them into the Tigris and the Euphrates. The fish have eaten from the flesh of the American and have gotten fat. Are we permitted to eat these fish or not?' Yes. This is the truth, brothers."

Of co-existence with the west, he says:

"How can anyone claim coexistence with such people is possible?"



Alison said...

He's going to talk himself out of business. Stuff like this needs to front page news.

Eric said...

Why don't we ever seem to hear about these lunatic rants?