Saturday, May 20, 2006

"And this one was driven by a little old dictator..."

A Connecticut Army reservist who served in Iraq in 2003 has apparently had a "war trophy" seized. Now, most war trophies consist of battle flags, captured weapons, uniform items and the like, but this guy thought big.

The booty? A 1988 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL. Oh, and not just any Mercedes. This one reportedly belonged to Saddam, and was armored, bullet proofed, had a loudspeaker system, and even "a series of pipes that shoot flames out the side of the car", according to the article. Now that will keep the oppressed masses from getting too close to the vehicle.

Unfortunately for First Sgt. William von Zehle, he'll probably be out the five thousand bucks he paid for the car now that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have seized the car as a suspected war trophy.


Anonymous said...

Well, folks, the 'good guys' do occasionally win. After 15 months and more time, effort and money than I like to remember, Customs quietly said I could have my car back - IF I signed a 'hold harmless' agreement that I wouldn't sue them AND if I paid the $750 / month 'storage' fee for a car they seized! Thanks to my Congressman, I was able to get the 'fees' dropped to the last 2 weeks of storage. So, the 'Saddamobile' was returned to its rightful owner.

William von Zehle

Eric said...

Awesome news! Glad things finally worked out for you. You'll either have one hell of a conversation piece or an easy retirement plan!