Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chavez puff piece

Given the Marxist tendencies of Hugo Chavez, it's not surprising that the UK's communist rag The Guardian would publish this fawning piece of journalistic fellatio about him written by lefty journalist John Pilger.

Consider the following from the article:
"He is the most popular head of state in the western hemisphere, probably in the world. That is why he survived, amazingly, a Washington-backed coup in 2002."
Never mind that the "Washington-backed coup" meme is a fantasy persistently repeated by Chavez and lefties everywhere, but never backed up by any evidence.

As for Pilger, the Wikipedia entry on him offers this:
He has been subjected to much criticism, with Auberon Waugh in Britain coining the verb 'to pilger' to denote 'to present information in a sensationist manner to reach a foregone conclusion'. The verb was also added to the 1991 edition of Oxford English Dictionary of New Words, but revoked in 1994 following complaints by Pilger. It has been claimed that Pilger's writings have rarely been subjected to detailed critiques.
One of Pilger's biggest defenders is Noam Chomsky. 'Nuff said.

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