Monday, May 15, 2006

Britain's lesser known immigrants

Much has been written about immigrants from Muslim countries in Britain, but another wave of immigrants in Britain has received far less attention.

The First Post has an item that's startling in its naivete: Why do we set the Poles apart? In it, the author states that 350,000 Poles have arrived in Britain since 2004. The article describes the first wave as hard-working plumbers, plasterers and nannies, and says that more educated professionals, such as doctors, dentists and engineers are now arriving. The article also highlights the difference between the warm welcome the Poles have received and the description of the Muslim immigrants as 'swamping' or 'invading' the country.

In the last paragraph, author William Langley takes a cynical view of Brits:
"But it begs the awkward question of why, when immigration is such a hot issue, and many beyond the ranks of the BNP fear the social fabric of the country is being destroyed by it, we welcome the Poles. Is it because, like most Brits, they are white and Christian? Or, unlike most Brits, they can do a loft conversion in three days?"
Come now, Mr. Langley...don't you think it may have at least something to do with the astonishingly low number of Polish immigrants who are trying to kill you and your fellow citizens?

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