Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More bizarre commie economics from Chavez

Yesterday it was reported that the US was imposing a ban on arms sales to Venezuela. Today, Venezuela's self-appointed Absolute-Supreme-Dictator-for-Life Hugo Chavez advised the world what his response would be: If he can't get needed arms from the US, he'll sell what little he does have.


Let's see...he complains that the arms sales ban is an attempt by Washington to militarily weaken Venezuela, so he's going to get rid of a bunch of F-16s in response.

This is what passes for rational thinking and statesmanship in the mind of Hugo Chavez.


Rancher said...

Iran also has Saddam's jets, which are worthless without the parts to maintain them.

Eric said...

And I think they still have some pre-Ayatollah F-14s. I doubt a single one of them can get off the ground these days.