Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Murdered Thai MP update

The Bangkok Post has an update on the weird case of murdered Thai MP Kobkul Nop-amornbodi I've been following. It seems one of the suspects has committed suicide by poison. But wait! According to the article:
However, police suspected that the death of Sa-ngad Poompeng was the work of the mastermind behind the murder, who wanted to silence him.
Does anyone even use the word mastermind these days? The article goes on to say:
Police expressed confidence that they have sufficient evidence to nail the mastermind.
Nail the mastermind? Who writes this stuff?

Still no word on this incident from AP or Reuters or anything else I can find, but as it appears that this was a former MP running for re-election rather than a sitting one, that might explain the apparent lack of news-worthiness.

No real signs that this was an act of Islamic militants.

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