Monday, May 29, 2006

Chavez insanity watch

Hugo to Evo: Dude...don't bogart that joint!

In his latest paranoid delusion, Venezuela's chief lefty loonball Hugo Chavez accuses Washington of plotting a coup against Bolivian president and co-commie Evo Morales.

He must be right, all the signs are there. Last week, President Bush said he was concerned about the "erosion of democracy" in Bolivia and Venezuela, which as every paranoid batshit loonball commie dictator knows is a prelude to staging a coup:
"When the U.S. president said a few days ago that he was worried because democracy is eroding in Bolivia it's because, you can be sure, he has a plan against Bolivia," Chavez said without elaborating. He urged "his brothers, the Bolivian soldiers," not to be caught off guard.
Fashion tip to Evo and Hugo: Lose the wool flap hats. Only dopers wear those these days. Oh, wait...that might explain a lot.

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