Monday, May 22, 2006

Mentioning the unmentionable in Britain

A story has been running in Britain's press about the tragic killing of 15 year old Kiyan Prince, a promising young soccer player and by all accounts an all-around good kid. He was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight.

I often take issue with The First Post for their overtly anti-American articles, but almost as frequently, they get out in front of an issue and say what other publications and web sites are afraid to say.

In none of the previous articles in other publications I've read about young Kiyan was it said exactly who killed this bright young man. But in this First Post article, it's revealed that his killer was a Somali immigrant.

Neil Clark, the article's author, states the obvious but apparently unmentionable:
The liberal mantra holds immigration policy should be non-discriminatory: all immigrants, provided they meet entry criteria, are equally welcome, from wherever they emanate.

But does anyone seriously believe that a large influx of migrants from Ghana, a peaceful, stable country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world, would have the same impact on the host nation as a large influx of migrants from Somalia, a violent and lawless land in which the carrying of knives and other weapons is commonplace?
Unfortunately, the PC liberal thought police don't allow such statements without accusations of racial hatred, bigotry and Nazism.


Alison said...

Great post.

Eric said...

Thanks. This poor kid should never have met the end he did, and people need to know where the violence is coming from.