Monday, March 02, 2009

Wall Street taking dim view of Hope 'n Change

According to Charlie Gasparino, even Obama's supporters on Wall Street are losing confidence in the new president's economic policies (such as they are).
If you want to understand why, despite his popularity with the general public, Barack Obama is losing the confidence of Wall Street, all you really have to do is speak to his supporters on the Street.

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Obama was anything but mediocre, they told me time and again, as the financial crisis devastated the markets and ushered in one nasty recession. And these days they are a sorry lot because they now admit they really didn’t listen to Obama.

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An economic agenda that is contradictory at best, and possibly reckless in its extreme. Policies that will certainly make a very bad situation even worse, and when things do get better, they will certainly not enough be better to compensate for the pain we are experiencing.
Is it too late to ask for a Mulligan?

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