Monday, March 16, 2009

Note to Comcast Cable

We've been having intermittent service disruptions with our Comcast Cable high-speed Internet service at home for the past week. No big deal...I've been in the IT business a long time, including time in the ISP business, and I know this stuff happens, and the Comcast support people I've spoken with on the phone and the service techs who've come to the house have always been pleasant, professional and diligent in trying to solve the problem.

Yesterday we had another day of off-and-on outages, so I scheduled yet another service call, which was set for Tuesday. Today, I got a call from Comcast. It was an automated call with a recording saying to please hold for the next available agent...over, and over and over again. After a couple minutes, I hung up and the phone immediately rang again with the same recording. I let it go for a minute or so then hung up again. When the phone rang a third time, I only let it go for about 10 seconds and just as I was about to hang up, a human came on the line to confirm the appointment for tomorrow.

What the hell is up with that? I understand call centers have automated dialers tied to the agents' terminals, but fer cryin' out loud...don't let it start dialing until an agent is ready to talk! Don't call me and put me on hold!


Mark said...


I submit that your recent customer service experience is more the norm for those of us far away from DC.

Just like your speed is better than those further removed the DC area, I suspect your treatment has been better. But with the recent downturn in the economy, I guess Comcast figures they can afford to tick off a potential regulator/Congressional staffer.

Welcome to being treated like a Pleb.

Eric said...

Nah...we're not close enough to DC to get the Beltway Benefit. And to be fair, when the service is up, the speed is extraordinary, like right now.

I actually have a suspicion, since this happens mostly on weekends, that some techs are dicking around with routers or some such thing and not advising the support dept. Eventually, the field service dept. is gonna get sick of chasing phantoms and find out who's been doing unscheduled maintenance.