Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Band names in Obama's economy

The crappy economy that Barack Obama keeps telling us he inherited (but won't tell us why he keeps making worse) got me thinking (for some reason) about what someone might name a new band today. Some ideas:
  • Stimulus Bill and the Bailouts
  • Nero's Fiddle
  • Shovel-ready Project
  • Stimulus Package
  • Timmy G and the TurboTax
Got any others?


Dave C said...

If only Obama was in a position of influence right before the election to where he could have done things to either help or hurt the economy.

Eric said...

Well, he was, but he rarely showed up for work.

Mark said...

How about "ARF" as in the old "Abort, Retry, Fail"?

Or maybe:

o Barry and the Vacancies
o Smart Power and the Global Retreat