Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stupid affectations

Every time I hear Barack Obama or some other poseur say "PAHK-ee-stahn" I cringe a little bit. If you speak American English, it's "PACK-ih-stan". But in an effort to sound like someone with a broader worldview, these idjits can't resist saying "PAHK-ee-stahn" in a herniated effort to sound more culturally aware by pronouncing the country's name the way a Pakistani would say it.

You never hear these phonies pronounce "Afghanistan" the way an English-speaking Afghani or Pakistani would say it. They'll say "Afghanistan" the way you or I would say it because to pronounce it as an Afghan or Pakistani would say it would sound too contrived: "Ahf-GWAN-ee-stahn".

Gawd, I can't stand poseurs.

Update: I rest my case...


Charles said...

He thinks he sounds more worldly.

Kinda like the NI-ger/Nee-jher dichotomy. If you're a righty it's NI-ger, if you're a lefty it's Nee-jher.

Anonymous said...

I find the same to be true for people who use the word 'idjit'. Get it right, man, it's eejit.