Friday, March 20, 2009


Odd things in banana shipments seems to be a theme around here today. In Germany, a grocery store worker discovered over 60 pounds of cocaine packed in a shipment of bananas she was unpacking.
The 26-year-old woman in the Bavarian town of Illertissen alerted police immediately after making the find on Wednesday. Officers confiscated the two bins, packed full of the drug in yellow bags just below a thin layer of fruit.

The boxes had been part of a three-pallet fruit delivery that was distributed between several different supermarket chains in the states of Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Bavaria. The shipment originated in Colombia and went through Antwerp, Belgium.

"Some dealers must have picked up the wrong boxes," Bavarian police spokesperson Ludwig Waldinger told news agency AFP, adding that he’d love to get a look at their faces when the drug dealers tried to get their fix from the fruit snack.
Somewhere there's a very pissed-off drug dealer.

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