Thursday, August 07, 2008

WSJ on Enviromania

An excellent piece in the WSJ by Daniel Henninger. The first two paras:

For years, hyperactive environmentalists have burned votive candles to the spirit in the sky, hoping she'd levitate energy prices high enough to make alternatives to oil economically feasible. That day has come. Result: The oil has hit the fan.

With gasoline over $4 and with life as they love it in the suburbs being shut down, did people call for the windmills? Nope. A heavy majority want to drill the bejeezus out of anywhere in America we can find familiar black slop.

Perhaps the first use of "bejeezus" in the Wall Street Journal, and surprise, "bejeezus" flunks Blogger's spell check.


Eric said...

Just as long as it didn't say "drill the bejeezus out of Paris Hilton", I'm OK with that.

Tyler said...

If Paris Hilton was an ocean with black beneath her floors, America would drill the bejeezus out of her.