Sunday, August 10, 2008

Democrats responsible for urine-filled bottles on road

It seems that John Edwards is the only Democrat interested in domestic drilling, but since he no longer holds any office - not to mention his interests lie with the wrong kind of drilling - he's no help with the current price of gas.

Another unexpected consequence of high fuel prices which we can lay squarely at Nancy Pelosi's feet is urine-filled bottles discarded on highways.
Police say there's been an alarming rise in urine-filled plastic containers found along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon.

A litter crew for the Oregon Department of Transportation picked up an estimated 200-300 urine filled plastic bottles, along the highway, about half of which were found in a short stretch dubbed "Three Mile Hill."

Police say that drivers — particularly commercial trucks — are typically driving very slowly through the area.

Police think the price of fuel may be causing drivers to travel slower than normal to save fuel while at the same time passing rest areas or truck stops.
I hope that Oregon uses convict labor for highway litter clean-up.


Mark said...


These folks must not want to stop at all... I mean, for a guy, the world is your urinal. What difference does it make if you do your thing into a bottle or against a tree?

And hell, people can stop a rest stop without buying gas.

Tyler said...

Lets make pelosi drink a bottle for every book she signs while no vote is taking place.