Monday, August 04, 2008

Game on: GOP to continue House protest

House Republicans today will continue their protest against Nancy Pelosi's refusal to allow a vote on domestic drilling before the House recessed for the summer break.

This makes for great theater, but I think it actually works to the GOP's advantage not to have a vote. This allows the Republicans to hold this issue up as one in which the Democrats' position is 180 degrees opposite that of 70% of Americans. Going into the election 90 days from now having the issue remain open can only hurt the Democrats

The Democratic leadership is completely wrong on this issue, and they're starting to realize that. Pelosi refuses to hear a vote because there's a damned good chance it'll pass, and if it doesn't it will be because Democrats voted it down.

A kibitz from Mark: Many of the House Republicans have taken to using the web to get their message out. (You may recall that the Speaker's lackeys are trying to muzzle Congressmen who use social networking sites.) You can follow Pete Hoeskstra and John Culberson on Twitter. Culberson also has a presence on qik, one of the few ways that the House Republicans were able to get the word out of Friday.

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Tyler said...

Congrats to them. Now lets get serious and do a hunger strike.