Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama beer?

Found this at Hot Air headlines. The Wynkoop brewery in Denver is releasing a beer called "Obamanator" to coincide with the Democratic National Convention.

Traditionally, beers with names ending in "-ator" are reserved for Doppelbock (double bock) beers. This tradition started in Germany in the 17th century when the Paulaner monks brewed up an unusually strong bock beer which they called "Salvator". The beer is still brewed and sold today by the Paulaner brewery.

Doppelbock beers are distinguished by their high alcohol content, many of which are as high by volume as wine at 10 to 12%. Obamanator, however, is a Maibock. Maibocks (May bock) are usually 6 to 7% alcohol by volume.

This begs the question of whether Wynkoop brewery is confused over which beers are properly given names ending with "-ator" or is taking an oh-so-subtle poke at Barack Obama in which their Maibock beer is pretending to be a much more substantial beer.

I find it highly unlikely that Wynkoop doesn't know the difference between a Maibock and a Doppelbock.

Further reading on Maibocks and Doppelbocks if you're interested.

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