Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden worries about household bills?

Continuing with the discredited "McCain's so rich, he doesn't know how many houses he owns" theme, Joe Biden's first salvo against John McCain suggests that Biden and his wife are just another middle income couple with mouths to feed trying to make ends meet.
"If your kitchen table is like mine, you sit there at night after you put the kids to bed and you talk about what you need. You talk about how much you are worried about being able to pay the bills," Biden said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that is not a worry John McCain has to worry about. It's a pretty hard experience. He'll have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at."
One of those kids Biden puts to bed at night is a practicing attorney in Washington, DC and another is Attorney General for the state of Delaware. His 27-year-old daughter Ashley is a social worker for the state of Delaware and was arrested in 2002 for interfering with a police officer during a brawl at a Chicago bar.

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