Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HuffPo response to unbridled Russian aggression: It's our fault

Russia's claims that their only military goal is to return Georgia's South Ossetia province to the status quo pre-6 August are belied by their bombing and looting of Gori and apparent drive on the capital city of Tbilisi.

So, who are the writers at Huffington Post howling at? Certainly not the Russians...
Musings from Moscow
"While the conflict has aroused the predictable hostility and posturing of the U.S. government..."

How the Bush Administration Created the Disaster in Georgia

Georgia On My Mind
"In the annals of U.S.-Russian relations, Secretary of State Rice has proven once again to be not up to the task at effectively managing the one area of foreign policy that is her principal area of expertise..."

Why Russia Invaded Georgia: Payback Time From the Orthodox World to the West

George W. Bush is to Georgia as George H.W. Bush is to Kurdistan
"I'm not bothered by 41 having an Oedipal thing to work out with 43. I just wish it they could do it around the dinner table, instead of breaking so much crockery on the world stage..."

Russian Crisis Reveals Condi Rice as Worst Secretary of State Ever
"Rice supposed to be an "expert" on Russia. But it is her Cold War mentality and extreme hawkishness that allowed her to rise through the ranks within the U.S. foreign policy establishment..."
These people make me sick.

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Mark said...

Umm, let's see. Who helped broker the deal that allowed the Russians to post "peacekeepers" in S. Osettia and Abkhazia in the first place?

Ah, Strobe Talbot, sometime Assistant Sec'y of State and full time Friend of Bill Clinton...