Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why Pelosi had to adjourn

Thanks to my brother Chuck, who e-mailed me this link to Nancy Pelosi's promotion tour for her new book titled (ahem) Know Your Power. There's a reason she had to bug out of Washington...she's got book stores to visit and books to sign!

It's a pretty packed schedule, but it looks like most Fridays are open.

Update: By the way, this book isn't exactly lighting the literary world on fire. It's currently ranked #1,422 on Amazon.

Update: Don't know why there are duplicate posts on this. I tried to delete the old one, but the updated one got deleted. Hey, it's Blogger, and it's free. I'll just leave it as is.

Update: Self-correcting...the duplicate post went away by itself.


Mark said...

But She has a planet to save!

Maybe she can do it from the remainder table...

Tyler said...

Not to mention in the current energy crisis we are in, she is saving the world in her private jet. To quote Hannity, she is another Lear Jet Liberal.

Eric said...

Pelosi may turn out to be the best friend the GOP ever had.