Wednesday, July 09, 2008

WTF?: Serial rabbit murderer in Germany

In the area around Dortmund and Witten in Germany, a serial rabbit killer is at work. In nearly all 40 of the cases, the victims are found decapitated and drained of blood. And he may be using Google Earth to locate his victims.
Police suspect a serial rabbit killer in Germany may be using Google Earth to locate victims before draining their blood.

Up to 40 rabbits have been killed in Dortmund and Witten – and in almost all the attacks the killer decapitates the pets and bleeds them dry.

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"This place isn't visible from the street," Mrs Perkun told the BBC. "I try not to tell anyone where this place is. People know that I have rabbits, but I don't tell anyone where this place is, so I hope my rabbits are safe."

But Volker Schuette, one of a special team of five officers hunting the killer, warned that many animals had been snatched from cages away from public view, suggesting the killer might be using satellite images to track them down.
Eh, I'm not so sure about the whole satellite image theory. I've looked at Google Earth and other Internet satellite imagery, and you can barely tell a car from a truck, never mind pick out rabbits.


Tyler said...

Maybe not on GE, but sites like from Microsodt that include hi res pictures (called Birds Eye View). Not sure about coverage because its not everywhere, but we have great coverage out here in Cali and I've seen areas in Kansas too.

Eric said...

Hmmm...haven't looked lately at Have to check that out.