Wednesday, July 16, 2008

China launches chemical attack on Europe

Researchers in Sweden have determined that an outbreak of "several thousand" cases of eczema in northern Europe was caused by Chinese-made furniture treated with an anti-mold chemical.
Researchers working at the skin clinic at Malmö University Hospital (MAS) have managed to trace a toxic anti-mould agent which has caused several thousand of Europeans to suffer from aggravated eczema.

Several indications emerged that the infections were connected to the purchase of imported furniture from China.

An extraordinary number of cases began to show up in the UK and Finland in the spring of 2007. Symptoms were so severe that doctors began to suspect tumour-related illnesses. It was soon established that the affected patients had all bought furniture manufactured by the Chinese company Linkwise, according to Sydsvenska Dagbladet.
Those bastards...they'll stop at nothing!


darkpixel said...

They should have gotten their crappy furniture at Ikea instead...

Eric said...

Thanks...I was trying to figure out how to work an IKEA angle into that post.

I think China's just trying to gradually kill the West by slowly poisoning us (and our pets) with tainted products.

But then, who's gonna buy all their crappy products?