Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Like father, like son

Osama Bin Laden's youngest son, Hamza, appears in a video in which he recites a poem calling on Allah to help the faithful wipe out America, Britain, etc.
In it, the boy dubbed the Crown Prince of Terror, called for an acceleration in the "destruction" of America, Britain, France and Denmark, the latter singled out for the publishing by its largest selling broadsheet of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

"Oh God, reward the fighters hitting the infidels and defectors. Oh God, guide the youth of the Islamic nation and let them assist with the fighters' plans," he continued.

"God, be pleased with those who want to go for jihad – and blind those who are watching and want to capture them.

"Grant victory to the Taliban over the gangs of infidels."
How original.

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Tyler said...

This was just mentioned on Fox. I found it quite funny, the kid is 16 yet sounds like he is just hitting puberty. They played the video and then ED Hill said "Basically that means kill in the infidels."