Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brand recognition

You know a product has a bad PR problem when they have to resort to ads like this. What do people think of Vista when they don't know it's Vista? I decided to click and "Find out."

The ad takes you to which, by the way, takes forever to load, but maybe that's by design just for Firefox users. The "experiment" is one in which Microsoft appears to be conducting a focus group study of Windows Vista, asking the average Joe what they think of Vista. The responses range from "It sucks more than anything has ever sucked before" to one lady who only grunted then gouged her own eyes out. I kid, I kid. Suffice it to say, though, that the responses are uniformly negative.

The ad then shows the same people trying out a "new" version of Windows, which they're told is called "Mojave". After waxing rhapsodic over how great "Mojave" is, they're told it's really Vista. Ooh, "you got me!", as one man sheepishly remarks.

I think the biggest problem Microsoft has with Vista is the heavy-handed way they're forcing people into it. Have you tried getting a copy of XP lately? Lotsa luck with that. And then, there are so many different flavors of Vista, who the hell knows which one is best for them? Not to mention the price.

And if you're resurrecting an older - but still perfectly usable - hardware platform, you can forget about Vista. I had a six year old laptop and a desktop system of about the same age which I had returned to service here at home, and when I found that only the latest hardware would support Vista and I couldn't get a legit copy of XP anywhere, I went with Ubuntu Linux for both of those machines.

Update: My brother Mark (who at this point may as well be a co-blogger interested, Mark?) tipped me to an article on the "Mojave Experiment": Dissecting Microsoft's Mojave Experiment

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