Sunday, July 27, 2008

Russians nostalgic for crappy Soviet-era food

I guess one man's borscht is another man's beef Wellington. Some Russians are queuing up at shops that sell reproductions of lousy, Soviet-era government-produced food.
Shoppers can now pick up crude Indian tea for the equivalent of 35p, [Around 65-70 cents. --ed.] packaged in the yellow, elephant-adorned box that any Russian over the age of 20 would remember - some, apparently, fondly.

For many Russians, the collapse of the Soviet Union meant not only the death of a strict political system, but of a way of life they had grown to love, peppered with state-produced chocolates and cheeses that disappeared along with the dictatorship of the Communist Party.
If you're selling nostalgia, how about charging people to stand in line for food all day then telling them you're all out?

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