Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Man finds chicken head in bag of wings - gets beer and wine

A man in England was horrified when the bag of chicken wings he bought to cook for his daughter's birthday party included a Chicken McNoggin.
ANGRY Peter Stanton [Was he already angry when he bought the wings? --ed.] bought a bag of Asda frozen ribs and chicken wings for his daughter’s birthday barbecue and found a chicken’s HEAD inside.

Salesman Peter, 39, was about to grill the defrosted wings at the bash for nine-year-old Georgia when he glimpsed a beak.

The dad, of Bacup, Lancs, said yesterday: “The kids were horrified.”

He took the head back to his local Asda in Rawtenstall.

Store chiefs gave him £50 of beer and wine to compensate and promised to investigate.
Hmmm...$100 worth of beer and wine for a momentary gross-out? I'll take that.

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