Saturday, July 19, 2008

News IQ

Charles at LGF linked to this Pew News IQ quiz. Like Charles, I aced it. I'm really not boasting...the questions aren't all that tough. Actually, the fact that only 3% got 12 of 12 correct kind of depresses me.


darkpixel said...

WTF? I get one wrong, and I only get a 91 percentile? And by my vague recollection of percentiles, wouldn't all correct give you a 99 percentile?

Damn stock market.... I thought it was supposed to be in the tank... :)

Eric said...

Percentile, IIRC, is a measure of all people who took the test. So, in your case, 91 percent of the people who'd taken it did worse than you.

I was a bit uncertain on that stock market question, myself...the Dow dipped below 11,000 earlier this week, which would have made it closer to 10,000 than 12,000. But the Dow had a couple of 200+ point gains on Thursday and Friday, so I decided to go with current value.