Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker's Obama cartoon

I guess I can't let the ridiculous cartoon gracing the cover of New Yorker magazine pass without comment. I won't post the cartoon, so click the Hot Air link if you want to see it.

The cartoon is intended (presumably) to be a joke at the expense of right-wingers for their objections to Barack and Michelle Obama, suggesting a certain amount of bigotry on their part. Yet it also manages to offend Obama and his supporters. No small feat.

As one who opposes Barack Obama's presidential ambitions, what bugs me about the cartoon is that it trivializes the substantive objections people on both the left and the right have to Obama. Yet the New Yorker chooses to paint Obama's detractors as bigots. Surprised?

Not me.

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Tyler said...

Official White House portrait anyone?