Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Axis of shitheads

Comic book commie president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela paid a visit to Russian president (and Vladimir Putin sock puppet) Dmitry Medvedev and was on a major arms shopping expedition to protect Venezuela from the Imminent US Invasion™ which seems, um, not very imminent.
Chavez is expected to reach a number of agreements for purchasing military hardware while in Russia, according to Russian news media reports. One newspaper reported that the deals could be worth up to $2 billion.

"That way we can guarantee Venezuela's sovereignty, which is now threatened by the United States," Chavez was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying.

Just how much defense does $2 billion buy these days? I'm thinking not much.

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darkpixel said...

Keep spending your oil money on crappy Russian equipment. When the Imminent US Invasion™ comes, it will do you the same amount of good as it did their last tin-pot, oil-enriched dictator client.