Sunday, March 09, 2008

Unlikely coincidence watch

The FBI says that the bombing of the military recruiting station in Times Square and the letters received by Democrats in Congress with pictures of the station and the phrase "We did it" are unrelated.
The FBI said yesterday that a man who mailed rambling letters to Congress this week featuring a photo of a Manhattan military recruiting station was not linked to Thursday's bombing outside that station.

Scores of congressional Democrats received identical antiwar letters in recent days that declared "We did it" and included photos of a man standing in front of the iconic Times Square recruiting station, officials said.

But the FBI interviewed the Los Angeles man who sent the letters and concluded he was not the person captured on cameras riding a bicycle before and after a crude bomb exploded at the station, officials said. The FBI also searched the man's house.

"The letters had no connection to the bombing," said Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the FBI field office in Los Angeles. "It appears to have been a matter of coincidental details and unfortunate timing on his part."

[ ... ]

Officials said the "we did it" language referred to the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006. "This was a citizen exercising his right to make a political comment to his representatives," Eimiller said.
Judging by comments left by readers on some righty blogs there's plenty of skepticism about the FBI's conclusion, but I'm inclined to agree that someone who just bombed a recruiting station wouldn't provide his name and return address on the envelopes.

But I still can't help but think that the denizens of Daily Kos and Democratic Underground would have been much happier if the guy had ended up in Gitmo. This story just proves that we don't live in the Bushitler fascist totalitarian state they all claim we do.


darkpixel said...

I'm not surprised... Consider the following:

1) US Postal Service - Sure, they are a bargain, but c'mon, it's the POST OFFICE!

2) Congress-critter mail is slowed by super-de-duper security. The guy would have to have the luckiest timing in the world.

3) Did I mention it's the post office?

Eric said...

Yeah, I kinda failed to factor in the fact that e-mail to Congress is probably running 3-6 months behind. That makes the timing far less suspect.