Saturday, March 15, 2008

The company he keeps

It may be a bit unfair to cast guilt by association on someone, but when those associates are your pastor and your wife, well, it's hard not to. In Barack Obama's repudiation of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's more fiery and controversial statements -- posted appropriately enough at the Huffington Post left-wing hate site -- Obama claims to have never heard any of Wright's more inflammatory hate speech.

Since Obama has been a member of that church for 20 years, he must take a Homer Simpson-esque approach to church attendance, slumbering in the pews with drool dangling from his lip during the sermon. With the sheer volume of Jeremiah Wright videos now coming forth, there's no other explanation. As for his wife Michelle's similar America-bashing and Afro-centric utterances, one can further extend the Homer Simpson analogy ("Homer! Are you even listening to me?").


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Anonymous said...

Well, Obama is just a plain old liar. You can't tell me that in 20 years he didn't hear one bad thing out of that ignorant preacher. You would have to believe that Obama didn't associate with any church memebers in that 20 year period where one of them might have said"Hey Barack dija hear what the Reverend said Sunday whule you were not there?' C'mon. He is jsut plain lying. It's just like his trashy wife who, by her own admission got into Princeton because of her race,saying she didn't like this country until she had a chance to become first lady. And by the way, since that preacher is clearly part white, is it the white or black side of him that is so evil?