Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chavez spoiling for a fight

Colombian forces killed a commie narco-trafficking rebel leader in a raid yesterday on a camp across the border in Ecuador. As a result, Venezuela's batshit commie president Hugo Chavez ordered a massive deployment of military forces to their border with Colombia. A rather bizarre response from a country not involved in the dispute.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez moved tanks to the Colombian border and mobilized fighter jets Sunday, warning Bogota could spark a war after its troops struck inside another of its neighbors, Ecuador.

Reacting to Colombia's killing Saturday of a Colombian rebel over the border in Ecuador, a Venezuelan ally, Chavez also withdrew all of his diplomats from Bogota in the worst dispute between the neighbors since he came to office in 1999.

"Mr. Defense Minister, move me 10 battalions to the frontier with Colombia immediately, tank battalions. The air force should mobilize," Chavez said, adding he will bolster his military's presence along the 1,400-mile border.
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air wonders whether this is tacit admission of a Venezuelan alliance with FARC, the Colombian communist rebel group. I'm inclined to think so.

Nearly two years ago, I posted this item about Hugo's arms buildup and the possibility of some of those arms ending up in the hands of FARC rebels.

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