Sunday, March 02, 2008

Danish PM cautions Clinton and Obama

Yeah, it's dampened somewhat by the fact that it's coming from one of the few countries in Western Europe with a bit of backbone, but when any European prime minister warns that the foreign policy platforms of the two Democratic candidates are dangerous, it's noteworthy.
The prime minister's support of the Bush administration was evident during his US visit as he warned Democratic presidential candidates about changing America's course.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Ramussen spoke out Thursday against the Democratic presidential candidates' platforms during his visit to Washington DC, cautioning them against radically altering the nation's current policies.

While the PM refused to get deeply involved in the US presidential elections, he spoke out against a new administration tinkering with the country's economic and military courses. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have criticised a number of the current administration's policies, including the NAFTA free trade agreement and the war in Iraq.
I'm sure John Kerry would say that Mr. Rasmussen fails the 'global test'.

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