Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama's got the Wright stuff

The spin coming from Barack Obama's supporters on the Rev. Wright affair has been fast and furious. Those who question Obama's sentiments in light of Wright's hate-filled rants are accused of judging Obama guilty by association:
“The fact of the matter is people would like to move on to other things,” said Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, characterizing remarks by Obama pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright as “outrageous,” but saying they are not relevant to Obama’s candidacy.

“He’s rejected it. He said no– he doesn’t have any association with it. He finds these comments outrageous,” Dodd, an Obama supporter and former presidential candidate, told “FOX News Sunday.” He added that “guilt by association is not typically American.”
I, for one, don't want to "move on to other things". Wright's remarks are very relevant to Obama's candidacy.

It's not like Wright was caught dipping into the church's till and Obama's political opponents are projecting the crime on to Obama. That Obama considered Wright a "spiritual adviser" makes Wright's "spirit" worth examining. When Jeremiah Wright's "spirit" moves him to say the hateful, divisive things he said, what does that say of those he spiritually advises?

The racial healer mask slipped when Michelle Obama said she'd never been proud of America until her husband started winning primaries. Now I think it's safe to say that mask has been pulled completely off.


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