Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer? I never touched her!

One of my least favorite Democrat politicians, Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY), has been brought low in a prostitution scandal. The righty blogosphere is redolent with the sweet, sweet fragrance of schadenfreude.

Charles Johnson at LGF has been particularly merciless in blasting the media's failure to identify Spitzer's party affiliation (compared to similar MSM coverage of Republican faux pas), but the best post there is on the verbal and mental gymnastics of a Daily Kos diarist who suggests that Spitzer should get a pass for being a Democrat. As a Democrat, you see, Spitzer should be held to lower standards:
Kevin Drums suggests that the usual charges of hypocrisy in prostitution/infidelity scandals come into play here, but I don't think that accusation is quite as fair this time. As a prosecutor, it was expected of Spitzer to bust prostitution rings and it's not as if he (like the Republicans) touts his commitment to sexual morality-- over that of his political opponents-- in order to get elected. He may be a hypocrite if (as is presumable) he tells his wife he's faithful to her, and he tells people that they should stay faithful to their spouses, etc. But politically, he's not a hypocrite, and it doesn't have it anything to do with his politics the way it does for some others who got caught.
Holy shit. If this is the modern voice of the Democratic Party, they're well and truly fucked.

Update: Thanks for the link, Theo!


Tyler said...

I'm just loving what New York Assembly Republican leader James Tedisco said, get out with somthing or we kick your ass out, either way your screwed.

darkpixel said...

Arrogant jerk...

And he is too a hypocrite. He prosecuted high-end prostitution 'rings'. But the best so far is the video linked at HotAir:


No hypocrisy there...