Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy first Sunday following first full moon following first day of Spring!

Why is it that Easter, considered by Christians to be of greater religious significance than Christmas, the best example of the Roman Catholic Church's compromise with paganism?

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darkpixel said...

It's a western astronomical attempt to always celebrate the resurection on a Sunday, yet still echo the Jewish calendar in some way. Early christians celebrated on a certain date in the month of Nissan... But this moved Easter around the whole week.

So, in order to keep it on a Sunday, and to remember the Jewish Passover that was the last supper, the Council of Nicea came up with this plan.

This year Passover is after Easter, because of the shifting Hewbrew calendar and leap months.

Which brings me to Fun Islam fact of the day: The muslim calendar is very close to the Arab calendar that preceeded it. However it was decided that since the pagans had used the leap month (or other adjustment - can't recall just now) to correct the lunar calendar, the Muslims should DROP the correction... Which is why it always seems to be Ramadan whenever it's time to throw some JDAMs around....