Saturday, October 28, 2006

Watching the watchers

I check my Sitemeter stats off and on to see who's visiting my blog, how they got there, and so on. This is pretty easy for me, since this is a pretty low-traffic blog.

This evening, I noticed a visit from someone in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sitemeter reports the entry page, which is the page of the blog the visitor first pulled up. If it's the main page, the entry page shows up as But if they follow a link to a specific post, it'll be the main page, plus the name of the post.

As with a previous visit from Amman, Jordan back in June, this entry page URL was a bit odd. This one was file:///F:/Adnan/HT/HT%20Web/hizb-ut-tahrir-spokeshater-convicted.html, which is a locally-stored copy of this post I made back in August. This form of URL is a way in which one can open an HTML file stored locally on their computer, in this case, a copy of my post stored on the reader's F: drive, in a directory path named Adnan\HT\HT%20Web. The HTML source that updates my Site Meter stats would be embedded in that file, so when the visitor opened up the page in his or her browser, Sitemeter registered the hit.

As I said before of the visit in June, it appears that some folks out in the Muslim world are harvesting web pages with articles critical of Islamic fascism and passing the files around. And I'll say the same thing to my visitor from Dhaka as I did to the visitor from Amman:
Don't look outside of Islam to see what "they" are saying about your religion. Look inside Islam and ask why so many are saying it.

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