Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oslo triple-murderer mentally ill? Don't believe it.

Aftenposten reports that the brother of the Pakistani man who murdered his three sisters sought psychological help for him. This may be the case, but I'm not buying the story that his mental instability is what led him to shoot his three sisters. If that was the case, why did he stop with the sisters? The news item answers that question:
The two elder sisters had been victims of earlier violence in the household, related to the arranged marriage of the oldest sister. Her husband had been brought from Pakistan to Norway, and cultural differences reportedly arose quickly between the two.

The new husband was also known for a violent temper and was convicted a few years ago of having stabbed both of the older sisters during a marital quarrel. The couple later divorced, which also led to conflict in her family, because some family members believed she had become "too Norwegian."

The oldest sister, meanwhile, had recently bought her own flat and planned to move out of the family home. TV2 also reported that she had a new boyfriend who wasn’t popular with some members of her family. [which I read to say "he wasn't a Muslim" --ed.]
This seems to be a pattern. If a Muslim does something like this, or succumbs to Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, the family immediately comes forward and says he was mentally ill. See my earlier posts on Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar.

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