Monday, October 02, 2006

British PC watch

The Brits have a word for young punks who cause trouble and intimidate the law-abiding public. That word is 'yob'. The word has been used by the news media, police and government officials, including Tony Blair, when describing the perpetrators of every day street crime and vandalism.

According to the Daily Mail, though, the Metrolitan Police and Scotland Yard will no longer be using the term. It seems the word is a bit too offensive to yobs:
Objecting to the phrase, Cindy Butts, the police authority's deputy chairman, told Sir Ian that the term was 'alienating'.

She added: "I have a problem with the language of 'yobs'. It sort of sets up and defines too much a 'self' and 'other'."
"Too much a 'self' and 'other'"? Is she supposed to be a psychologist or a cop? What utter nonsense. Unfortunately, the chief of the Metropolitan Police seems to agree with Ms. Butts:
The extraordinary edict - described by critics as 'pathetic' - has the backing of Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, often referred to as Britain's most politically-correct policeman.
It's exactly this type of politically correct groveling that limits the British police in efforts to round up terrorists in their midst.

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