Monday, October 16, 2006

19 million Indonesians favor violent Jihad

Back in May, I posted this item in an attempt to put some perspective on that "tiny minority" crap we constantly hear about militant Islam. In typical Pool Bar fashion, it was just my personal opinion and guesswork. Today, Michelle Malkin has this post on much the same topic, only backed by actual studies and statistics.

A poll conducted in "moderate" Indonesia which revealed that 1 in 10 Muslims there favored violent Jihad. This backs my guess that the "tiny minority" of Muslims who are potential head choppers is around the 10 percent mark. And that's in a presumed "moderate" nation.

These facts, of course, will be ignored by columnists like Charles Townshend and Matthew Carr at The First Post who claim that the US and British reaction to Islamic terrorism is overblown paranoia (Townshend) and that the media whips up anti-Muslim sentiment by focusing on acts of Islamic terrorism while ignoring the isolated non-Muslim terror acts (Carr).

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